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Why Deer Valley?

Deer Valley Homebuilders understands that purchasing a home is often the biggest decision you’ll ever make. To say that a new home purchase is merely a considerable endeavor and significant investment is an understatement — after all, this is the place you choose to live. At Deer Valley, we never compromise on building materials or quality construction principles. The strength of our materials, the consistency and passion that drives our workmanship, and the commitment to heavy-built, energy efficiency homes, are the driving forces that make Deer Valley a leader in manufactured and modular housing.

Many of these advantages are afforded to us by the very nature of factory-built housing. By constructing our homes in a highly regulated, climate-controlled facility, we can completely mitigate construction delays caused by undesirable weather conditions and minimize any contamination from external sources. Subsequently, our regulated and tightly monitored building processes ensure that your home gets built on time, to spec, and will last for generations.

Furthermore, continual in-plant inspections result in compliance with the most current energy efficiency and construction codes. So at the end of the day, you not only get a home that’s built stronger and more reliable than a site built home, as well as a structure that guarantees a lifetime of efficient and sustainable operation, you save time and money.

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