Why DV Energy Star


Energy Star Accreditation

Why DV Energy Star

We commit to building sustainable, efficient homes for a modern America

Heavy duty engineering is often associated with inefficiency, waste, and unnecessary expense, just as a heavy duty truck is expected to have terrible gas mileage. When custom engineering our signature “Heavy Built” manufactured home, the team at Deer Valley committed themselves to not only breaking this trend, but making the Heavy Built brand synonymous with energy efficiency and sustainability.

By making features like Low E Thermal Pane windows, perimeter floor registers, and radiant heat barrier roof decking standard in all Deer Valley homes, we’re able to not only increase the lifespan of your home and minimize the amount of necessary maintenance, but we can save you hundreds or even thousands on your annual utility bills. Our advanced building processes and highly controlled construction planning allows us to deliver on tighter, stronger built homes and enhanced energy efficiency. This is just one of the reasons why Deer Valley homes are not just the best manufactured homes, but the best home value, period.

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