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  • You cannot believe the compliments we have received on this house both on the inside and out. "Awesome" seems to be the most descriptive. We are Ambassadors for Deer Valley. Hope some of the talk with cause Dinkins to sell more homes. I would be remiss not to mention how impressive it is to have at least three or four different visits from Deer Valley reps just to be sure everything was up to your standards. Thanks again for all of your assistance. Y'all do a great job!

    Joe Hill
  • We bought a Deer Valley Home from Don Eichler and have absolutely no complaints. The finish work is beautiful and everyone that sees our home is surprised it's not stick built. Don provides excellent service, our home is solid and comfortable. This is our retirement home and we love it!

    Glenn & Verna Shroads
  • Don't usually leave a review but want to recognize Deer Valley for their product and service. My husband and I bought our home 2 years ago from J and J Homes in Cullman. Our home had a year's warranty from Deer Valley. They honored the warranty with professional repair personnel. With anything new and especially moved 50 miles and down a stee slope things can get moved around. Deer Valley made sure we were happy with every aspect of our mobile home for a year. We have had no issues with quality or anything else since our warranty ran out. The home is well insulated. Our utility bill usually runs around 100 dollars a month. Less than half of our stick home. We love it! Would not hesitate to buy another Deer Valley home.

    Karen Athens
  • I truly do not have words to describe how impressed I am with this company and its staff. They are a job to do business with and deserve success beyond measure. IN days where complaint is frequent and praise seldom heard, I want to redress that balance a little and commend Deer Valley Home Builders to you and to their potential, future clients. This is a company you can trust and do business with in complete confidence. Thank you for your time and attention, and enjoy a wonderful day - everyday!

    George S. Mycroft (Capt.)
  • My husband and I just wanted to thank you (and Deer Valley) for sending Bill this past weekend to repair our home. He was such a pleasure to have and he does exceptional work. He was a very hard worker and such a nice man. We are so pleased and wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that we are so happy we decided to go with Deer Valley.

    Brian & Angie Casto
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