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Homes Built to Last a Lifetime

All Exterior Walls are 2×6 with Energy Efficient R19 Insulation

All series of homes constructed by Deer Valley Homebuilders are built with 2×6’s. This allows more insulation in the sidewalls and much stronger construction. Although this feature may be more expensive, it is undeniably advantageous and comes standard with all Deer Valley series of homes. 2×6 framing as compared to most traditional 2×4 framing is tremendously stronger with much greater load bearing capacity.


Deer Valley Homebuilders frames and constructs each home with #1 and #2 lumber. We do not use #3 lumber or culls. This largely eliminates any potential warping or bowing.

Top and Bottom Plates are 2×6 and 2×4

We do not use 1x4s as structural framing members.

Double 2x Studded Headers above doors and windows

Compare this to single stud design. This measure prevents sagging, contributing to greater structural integrity.

7/16″s Tech Shield Radiant Heat Barrier Roof Decking

This lessens attic heat by approximately 30 degrees, thereby increasing shingle life and allowing for significant long term energy cost savings. All series of homes constructed by Deer Valley include this significant energy savings feature standard. All Deer Valley manufactured and modular homes are built in a way that reduces energy costs and ensures long term sustainability and efficiency.

2×8 Floor Joists with Double Perimeter rails

Compare this to single rail construction. If 2×10 floor construction is desired, it is available and often opted.

2×4 Interior Walls

Compared to 1×4 or 2×3 interior walls

23/32″ OSB floor decking (plywood optional)

This can be compared to NovaDeck, Cresdeck, or 5/8ths OSB

OSB Wrap/Sheating w/ Whole House Wrap Moisture Barrier

Compare to Black Board/Foam Board or a lesser substrate. OSB seams are minimized and covered with full house wrap.

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