Why DV Construction 2


40/40 Breaker Panel with 12-2 minimum wire circuits

This feature comes standard on al Deer Valley and Sun Valley series of homes.

1/2″ Finished Sheetrock throughout the entire home

Deer Valley goes above and beyond in this regard, compared to the standard of partial finished drywall or vinyl on gypsum. The typical thickness of vinyl on gypsum is 3/8″ or less. Thicker sheetrock is less likely to break or crack and has a greater firewall rating.

Sherwin Williams Paint

Quality paint allows for decor changes over a lifetime. The paint we use is zero VOC (volatile organic compound) Promar 200, which provides superior quality, availability, and safety for your family. Exterior paint for Cement Fiberboard is Sherwin Williams Duracraft. For more info on interior paint, click here. For more info on exterior paint, click here.

Hand Laid 16″ Nafco Floor Tile in Kitchens, Baths, & Utility – 20 year Warranty

Compare this to roll goods. Tears and floor discolorations are eliminated. The average cost of installed NAFCO Permastone at your local retail floor store will range between $5 and $7 per square foot. The thickness is .125 gauge vs. a typical important that is 0.80 gauge. Deer Valley is proud to offer material that is over 1.5 times as thick. This feature is standard in Deer Valley and Sun Valley Series homes.

Drawer over Door Cabinet Construction with Lazy Susan (per print)

Compared to individual doors and drawer stacks. Metal roller guides are standard vs. plastic.

KITH KCMA Certified Cabinets

Compare this feature to standard, factory-built cabinets. KITH cabinets have 3/4″ adjustable overhead shelves and a 1/2 shelf in the base cabinet. This allows kitchen storage customization and enables the ability to place large items upright in the front area of the base cabinets. KITH is a professional cabinet maker with state of the art cabinet building facilities and decades of experience. Compare these to non-KCMA certified cabinets built in manufactured housing facilities. Solid wood cabinetry doors and stiles are greatly superior to wrapped MDF (medium density fiberboard) cabinet doors. We offer 5 different cabinet colors in both raised panel and shaker style. Please see your local Deer Valley retail sales center for exact selections available.

Deluxe Croft Low Emissivity (Low E) Thermal Pane Windows w/ Residential Grid Pattern (Lifetime Warranty)

Compare this to a variety of window offerings from single pane to various thermal pane offerings. Deer Valley understands the importance of not just having thermal pane windows, but Low E as well. All our window installations are sealed with silicone caulking and window tape, thereby eliminating undesirable exterior air intrusion. It’s also highly recommended that you compare the Solar Heat Gain and UV ratings listed on the windows. Superior windows have a significant impact with relation to energy efficiency.

Fiberglass Tubs and Showers Throughout Home

Deer Valley uses a 48″ master bath shower and a 60″ hall bathtub/shower combination at a minimum. We have several options including ceramic, travertine, and glass. Our largest and greatly popular walk-in shower is 48×96″.

China Lavatories in Baths w/ Overflow Spill Drains

Bronze Bath Faucets and Shower Door in Baths

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