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Deer Valley Authorized Retailers

Deer Valley Homebuilder’s homes are sold through our licensed retailers. Our retailers take you through the process of finding the right home. Their personnel will assist and lead you with the home ordering, building, and completion process. Questions about your home can be discussed with the retailer’s Deer Valley area account manager. Job order Home Specification sheets with your selected floor plan will be provided by the Deer Valley area manager and are to be confirmed to ensure clarity.

Each home includes an engineer approved Installation Manual. Licensed contractors under HUD and state regulation install your home per the provided Deer Valley Installation Manual or any required local code. Management of Home Completion Contractors and Utility Connections will be determined and completed in conjunction with your retailer. Your retailer/installer will view your site and location to ensure all home components can be transported to you and completed with safety and care.

If desired, our retailers can assist with local contractors for porches, garages, masonry, landscaping, etc. They will be glad to assist in providing the best turnkey solution for you. Please review our Retail Center list and let us know how we can help.

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Deer Valley Homebuilders does not publish pricing information online. All pricing inquiries and estimates are exclusively handled by authorized retailers of Deer Valley Homebuilders. Please note that any price lists or information regarding Deer Valley Homebuilders’ products and pricing found on organizations or websites other than authorized Deer Valley retailers are not endorsed or validated by us. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of such information.

To obtain accurate pricing and estimates for Deer Valley Homebuilders’ homes, we strongly recommend contacting your nearest authorized retailer. They are trained to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information based on your specific needs and requirements. For assistance in locating your nearest authorized retailer, please click here.

Thank you for your understanding and for choosing Deer Valley Homebuilders as your trusted provider of quality homes.

Our Retailers

Our manufacturing facility is located in Guin, Alabama. We serve the below states but have built in other states based on the project feasibility. Deer Valley’s workforce is gleaned from numerous decades of experienced home builders and their families. Tens of thousands of homes have been built by generations of skilled craftspeople from our area.